Flash Fiction in Five Songs

While perusing Pinterest the other day, I came across some writing prompts. Most of them were a little sketchy (you can’t directly quote Game of Thrones and say it’s a writing prompt you made up…), but a few were pretty neat. One I liked a bunch was this one:  

It’s short and simple, but right up my alley. It’s honestly hard for me to just pick a handful of songs as favorites- the top two are always the same, but the rest vary wildly depending on the day. So I made my Flavor of the Day list and got to work!


Favorite Songs

* “Unchained Melody”

* “Nowhere and Everywhere”

* “Alone Together”

* “First Date”

* “Roller Coaster”

And here’s “The Melody”

She never knew how much it affected her, the melody. It was all around her, in cracks and crevices and everywhere that craved to be filled, places hard to reach but places that existed nonetheless. In these places, she felt together with herself, her light and dark and wolves and sheep, goddesses and muses and demons all in chaotic cooperation. She found each little sweet spot by accident along her journey, each one a date with destiny, coincidental and on purpose. Her life was a roller coaster, but she would not sit idly by while it moved- not as long as the melody could still be found. 


Coaster was a funky one to work in by itself, so I used the whole phrase- no one wants to hear about a cup coaster. Can’t decide if I think that’s cheating or not! I’ll get back to you on that one. 

Do you enjoy random writing prompts like this one? I skim by most of them, but there are a few good ones out there. Some are simple, some complex, some just fit the mood of the day. If you decide to write up this prompt, share yours with us! 

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