Learning How to DO THE THINGS

Yesterday, I read a post by Chuck Wendig on Author Platform, which you can find HERE.

His beginning summation?

Through the post, he explains his follower-to-buyer breakdown and the like, also adding that we should do all these social media things because we WANT to, not because it’s expected of us.


A lot, actually. When I first started submitting Godeater to agents, one of the biggest questions listed on their queries was “What’s your social media presence like?”

This question made me nervous. I didn’t (don’t) like shoving myself down people’s throats (I wanted to type GIGGITY and then thought better of it, then typed it anyway because GIGGITY) and it all felt fake to me. I didn’t want to stand up taller, put on my best politician sheen (which matches that sparkly tooth thing you always see in the commercials, with a bonus anime eye sparkle), and sell you books. That made me feel like a snake, a predator.

If I’m gonna feel like a predator, I want it to be because I’m legitimately bad ass, not because I’m a used-car-salesman-of-books.

And if you know a used car salesman that *isn’t* that way, give them a hug for me.

I wanted to connect to people because we shared interests, common bonds. But in learning the doing of the things, I made a Facebook Author Page and a Blog. The blog was more for me to document my own doings, and less about sharing, while the Facebook gave me a face… one that I didn’t really like sharing. I felt restricted, because The Powers That Be were gonna be reading it. They needed the Politician version of me, which… is a skeleton in a closet somewhere. I had to impress people in a way that made me uncomfortable.

That is, until I finally said, “HOLD UP. THIS IS MY SHIT.”

That is what 2016 has been for me so far- taking all of my stuff and owning it. I thought a lot about my geek culture blog- it’s full of wit, bad words, more bad words, made up bad words, video games, and memes.

It’s me as a website, really.

And I realized that I can do whatever I want. I don’t have to be that thing I’m not. It’s some straight up Pinkie Pie philosophy.

I like sharing with you guys. But I want it to be on my terms. If you decide you like my words enough to buy my works, awesome! I’ll hug you or high-five you or wave across the room because we both have social anxiety and want to go home. If you just want to follow and see what comes out of my mouth through my fingertips, that’s pretty sweet too.

It’s prolly gonna be bad words. Just saying.

I want to see your most authentic self. Share that person with us! In fact, post your blogs/pages/online omniscient presence in the comments and let’s see you shine!

Oh! And regarding last week’s post about upside down Ley Lines? STIEFVATER SAID SOMETHING ABOUT DEATH DRAWN IN ALL THE BOOKS AND I CAN’T TAKE IT. Too cryptic. Too much. COME ON APRIL 26TH.

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