Flash Poetry: Loyalty

Sometimes Loyalty Really takes it out of me Because "loyalty" Really means "sacrifice." It doesn't mean "here when you Need me" It now means "here, take all of me" Or taking without asking Because "you'll always be here, Right?" And now being loyal comes at a price...

Single Sentence Flash Fiction: “Flowery”

She made me smell flowery as I hacked her to bits; for all its valiant effort, Glade White Tea & Lily spray a pepper spray does not make. Happy Spookytober! (This totally came from thinking someone was behind me when I glanced in my bathroom mirror, and the only disabling thing nearby was Glade spray.... Continue Reading →

Flash Poetry: “Flow”

I am a person of  Planned dates And confirmed appointments "It'll happen when it happens" Does not compute. "Go with the flow" Only works When the flow is predetermined Which I'm pretty sure Isn't how that works.

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