Just a Quick Update: Summer’s Almost Here!

Wooooooooo. I had no idea that it'd actually be more exhausting to have a kid in school than not. Between school trips, special days, holidays, field days, I'm worn out! BUT. (The almighty but~) It's nearly Summer! School's almost out, and perhaps I'll claim back a little bit of my time. I've been chugging along... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction: Bag of Bones

It's been a while since I've done some real Flash Fiction, so I decided to dig in with another Chuck Wendig challenge! This week over at terribleminds, Chuck issued the challenge of taking a Stephen King title and making a whole new story from it, unrelated to the actual novel by that name! There were... Continue Reading →

Flash Poetry: For CB.

People talk of endings As if they're fruit Ripe on the vine, just pick one and go. We never talk about What this is, This kind of ending. There's quitting the band Tiredness setting into bones Far too long away There's walking away from the spotlight But this was none of that. A guttural hymn... Continue Reading →

Flash Poetry: “Flow”

I am a person of  Planned dates And confirmed appointments "It'll happen when it happens" Does not compute. "Go with the flow" Only works When the flow is predetermined Which I'm pretty sure Isn't how that works.

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