Bleeeeegh. I was supposed to do a post on character sheets Tuesday, and have a sparkly new piece of Flash Fiction ready for today, but after some bad news from the doctor and feeling pretty terrible, I have yet to do either. BUT! I am here to drop groundbreaking, earth-shattering poetry on you today.

Are you ready?

Are you READY?!


Sorry, that got a little bit Limp Bizkit for a second there. Here we go:

“Connections- a Haiku”

I cannot connect
The internet is down- no!
The red light mocks me.

BOOM. That’s what happens when I’m in the midst of a million things online and the internet goes down. I managed to keep the idea of color in there, though the two juxtaposed ideas are kind of absent.

You are welcome.

I will try to be less nauseated and more Superhero next week. Until then, share your Haikus with me!