Shenanigans is one of my favorite words.

I love that word. Seriously. I love it even more when I actually get to use it, which is ALL THE TIME. What I *don’t* love is when shenanigans smack me in the face with a bass.



Okay, the bad shenanigans have to wait, because it’s good shenanigans time! First off, a massive THANK YOU to all you loverly people who entered the Godeater giveaway on GoodReads! 564 of you?! In the words of the Smite gods, YOU ROCK! Congrats to winner Caroline- your copy is in the mail today.

Oh! This week, I was featured in our local paper! WHEEE NERDGASMS.

Bartlett author Melody Klink debuts novel in young adult genre

How cool. *Kermit flail*

Next? I’m chugging along on my next book! I’d say we are definitely looking at a January 2017 release date.

Now I feel like I need to knock on wood. Yeeeeeeesh. *KNOCKS ON ALL THE THINGS*

I’ve had several people ask if it’s a Godeater sequel, and the answer is no. Sorry! This one’s more about Faeries and the like, and less about mythology. A Godeater sequel may be tricky, but it’s not out of the question. I’m mulling it over.

What else… oh yeah! It’s almost time for BOOKSTOCK 2016 ’round these parts! While I won’t be a vendor this year, I will be partaking in the festivities. Come by and chat if you can! There will be 40 other local authors there showing off their bookloves, and the key speakers are Kimberla Lawson Roby and Thomas Christensen.

And now it’s time for MOAR LIFE SHENANIGANS. Until next time, World, you stay crazy.

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