Bookstock 2016 Author Showcase

On Saturday, we had our local Mid-South version of Bookstock 2016, a festival celebrating all things, well, books and the art of writing. The theme this year was “From Shakespeare to Dr. Seuss, and Everything in Between,” and we certainly did it up! Performers and citizenfolk alike recited Shakespearean sonnets while children made hats, did... Continue Reading →

Shenanigans is one of my favorite words.

I love that word. Seriously. I love it even more when I actually get to use it, which is ALL THE TIME. What I *don't* love is when shenanigans smack me in the face with a bass. BASS, not BASS. *hee* Okay, the bad shenanigans have to wait, because it's good shenanigans time! First off,... Continue Reading →

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