I’m back!

Hi all! I see the house is still standing, and I assume from the oh-so-fresh smell of the kitchen that wild parties were had, then promptly cleaned up after. So what all went on while I was gone?! Did you release something new? Share a story with us! The Goodreads contest for DIAMOND MARKED has... Continue Reading →

VAY-CAY-SHUN + Goodreads Giveaway + FREE Novella!

From the end of this week until the 15th, I'll be out on VACATION! Awww yiss. I'm ready to (hopefully) have some rest and relaxation! (I will stress the entire time, btw, and lament that I'm not writing, I'm sure.) While I'm gone, I'm running a giveaway on one signed paperback edition of Diamond Marked... Continue Reading →

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