Oh, April Fool’s Day.

A day dedicated worldwide to pranking people and making mischief? Where’s Loki at?!

Well, that looks about right. (Want a crash course on April Fool’s? Here’s a good chunk of info.)

I am certainly one to take- and make- a joke. But today, the Day of Fools, people get carried away. Especially on social media where, seriously, no one can tell if you’re lying or not.

So! Friendly reminder before we get to the good stuff: It isn’t funny to fake someone’s death any day of the year; and if you plan on making a possibly life-altering joke, consider who you’re doing it to, and whether or not you’d like having the same done to you.

*steps off soapbox*

Anywaaaaaaaayz. News tickers for this loverly (just kidding) Friday:

* Bad Mood Boogaloo is FREE today! Nope, it’s not an April Fool’s joke.

* I (and the majority of my brood) have been sick most of this week, so I haz no flash fiction for you this time. SRY. I’ll try and be back in full glory next week. *grumbles about sick kids at the mall playground getting us sick*

* I’ve talked to Barnes & Noble about stocking Godeater in-store, and it’s a negative. If you’d like to purchase it through them, feel free to order it in-store, or from their website!

* Announcement of Bard Girl Press: Awww yeah. The Bard Girl is going Big Girl. All of my future titles will be under my very own imprint! Site will be up soon.

*coughs* *hacks up a lung* *wants lung back for moar coughing* Until next time, guys, DON’T PRANK TOO HARD.

(Featured image by SycophantWhore on DeviantArt- find more art [here!])

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