Flash Poetry: Strangers Dancing

It was New Year’s Eve
At a restaurant we loved-
one that now houses the skeleton of some other beast.
The music was loud
As I took to the floor
Whipped up by the beat
The song rock and roll gospel I’d once loved
And forgotten
The love fresh and raw and shining again.
I moved,
and so did she-
a stranger there,
two women,
burning up a floor that begged
for water.
I don’t even remember her
Her face
Her hair
Not else but wild eyes and grinning lips
Electric spirits in a cloud ready for lightning.
When the song was over,
She said I’d upstaged her,
worn her out-
My youth a weapon.
I remember saying,
“You were fabulous- always and forever.”
And she smiled
some stranger’s smile
And disappeared into a crowd
Of ghosts
Still dancing on that floor
Inside the skeleton of some other beast.

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