Flash Poetry: Strangers Dancing

It was New Year's Eve At a restaurant we loved- one that now houses the skeleton of some other beast. The music was loud As I took to the floor Whipped up by the beat The song rock and roll gospel I'd once loved And forgotten The love fresh and raw and shining again. I... Continue Reading →

King of Diamonds: A Writing Playlist

Per tradition, the time has arrived to share my writing music with y'all! Writing KING OF DIAMONDS was different than usual; I was locked down in Camp NaNoWriMo mode, and I was much more focused than usual. In fact, I knocked out this entire last portion of the story in 18 days! What made this... Continue Reading →

Musical Heart Thumps

I speak three languages: Music, Alienese, and Bad English. The first of those is my heartbeat- it's how I got my name, after all. Music is a huge part of my writing, as it is with many other authors. Sometimes, a melody sans lyrics is necessary; other times, the lyrics are what inspire the scene,... Continue Reading →

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