e-Book Face Lifts + New Sellers!

I’m excited to tell you guys: the majority of my ebook interiors just got SUCH AWESOME MAKEOVERS.

The new layouts come after deciding to pull my novels/novellas from the Kindle Unlimited/KDP Select program and go wide to all retailers once again, and I figured a revamp was in order. These updates will span both Amazon and all of the upcoming retailers.

Over the coming days, all the links will be live for stores far and wide! This includes every single one of my books. (Their prices will remain the same as before, they’re just available everywhere again.)

Oh, if you’re wondering about my Bad Mood Boogaloo children’s book, it’s still available through Amazon as an e-book! ^_^

Godeater: The Second World

Diamond Marked: The Tale of El’Anret

Queen of Diamonds: The Tale of El’Anret (#1)

Jack of Diamonds: The Tale of El’Anret (#2)

King of Diamonds: The Tale of El’Anret (#3)

Wayward: Poetry for Monsters, Muses, and Other Deviants

If you have already purchased my books, you might receive an email about them being updated- feel free to re-download and take a look!

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