Single Serve! Flash Fiction – Shorty Challenge!

I’m back for another Flash Fiction challenge! This week’s challenge was simple, yet daunting: you get 100 words. No more! So here’s what poured out of my brain’s juicy crevices.


A single amethyst tear ran down her bronzed cheek, muddling with the blood that stained her neck. The two liquids crystallized, hardening into a swirled jewel that clung to her skin like so many others.

“Do you have to do this?”

He nodded, pulling gloved fingers through what was left of her hair. He knew what her death would mean for the planet. He also knew that untold destruction waited, should she live.

“You know how they’ll use you, should they catch you; you’re the Mother of Creation. Your word is God’s law.”

And with that, he pulled the trigger.


I do enjoy all the implications left open by the limited number of words. As before, I’m a little nervous spitting words into cyberspace, BUT IT’S DONE SO WHATEVS. I hope you dig the work, and be sure to share your own brain juices with all of us!

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