Diamond Marked Release Party!

DIAMOND MARKED is finally here. Celebrate with me tomorrow at 11AM CT, on my Facebook Author page! Here's the event page link! I'll be reposting the event stuff onto my page as well, so no one misses out. ❤ I hope you'll join me for memes, music, and shenanigans!

Sarah Madison’s “Dear Broke Reader: Your Sense of Entitlement is Killing Me”

Controversial post incoming!  (Image copyright Kent Zonestar. Go check out his other works!) I recently came across Sarah Madison's "Dear Broke Reader, Your Sense of Entitlement is Killing Me", an article articulating the myriad frustrations as an author and art-maker when it comes to monetary value in their art as perceived by the general public, along... Continue Reading →

Godeater Goes KDP Select for the Summer!

Hey guys! Doing an experiment. Godeater will be an AMAZON EXCLUSIVE in e-book format for the Summer. This means that any Kindle Unlimited subscribers can READ IT FREE! I will also be doing some sales and promos for the book throughout June. Stay tuned! Get Your Copy Here!

Godeater Now Available in e-book!

Hey you guuuuuuys. Just writing to let you loverly people know that Godeater: The Second World is now available as an e-book! The title said that, did it? Derp. Here it is for: Kindle & Amazon Products Nook Kobo: Pending! Apple: Pending! As soon as the various websites update, I'll post their links!

Leap Year Day Will Never Be the Same.

"War waged behind her eyes, and she knew it showed on her face. 'Mamaw, I wouldn’t know where to begin with how strange everything has become— how our world is collapsing in on itself.' 'Strange things happen in the dark,' the woman noted absently. It was then that Naika’s mind split open, her experiences spilling... Continue Reading →

Cover Reveal Shenanigans!

Woooohooooooo! I just received the final proof of the cover for GODEATER: The Second World, and I've gotta tell ya: I'm a little verklempt. It's just so... sparkly. I went through several cover designs, hopelessly (and stressful-ly) trying to decide between some that kind of conveyed what I wanted. I nearly (halfheartedly) settled on one,... Continue Reading →

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