“War waged behind her eyes, and she knew it showed on her face. ‘Mamaw, I wouldn’t know where to begin with how strange everything has become— how our world is collapsing in on itself.’
‘Strange things happen in the dark,’ the woman noted absently.
It was then that Naika’s mind split open, her experiences spilling out in a cascade of words.
Nell. The Forest. The God of Winter. Hekate. Zeus.
With every detail, Mamaw’s eyes grew in awe and dread, her mouth staying slack. A gentle flurry of snow drifted around them as Naika spoke, the storm growing fiercer until neither could see the room beyond.
Odin. Eris. The funeral.
As her words hit a frenzied pitch, the snowflakes halted, a sheer wall of freezing ice surrounding the table. Naika gasped for breath, readying herself; she knew the worst had yet to come.”

Yeah yeah YEAYUH! Let me pull a Cyborg on ya with a BOOYAH!

ONE WEEK UNTIL NOVEL BIRTHDAAAAAAY! It’s almost time to see how Naika, Noah and Sirus’ stories unfold; will they overcome the darkness that looms large over the world, or fall to the might of a mythological behemoth?

Links to follow! The title will be made available to major chains and some independent bookstores as well.