In the words of Slurms McKenzie, WIMMY WHAM WHAM WOZZLE! This moment, right here, is one I’ve dreamed about since a warm August day in 2013. Godeater: The Second World is officially no longer a figment of my imagination, but a live, printed word bird out in the world. It is available at these locations, expanding to more soon:

Paperback edition:
Barnes & Noble
Booksellers at Laurelwood


e-Book edition:
Kobo: Coming Soon!
Apple: Coming Soon!


Any missing links will be filled in as the books populate the world.

Get your copy today! Remember: we authors are a lot like pets. We like warm food, belly rubs, and… wait. Where was I going? Oh yeah. Love your authors! The greatest thing you can do for an author in any stage of their writerly shenanigans is support their work, whether that’s by buying a copy of their book, checking one out at the library, borrowing one from a friend, leaving reviews of the works you enjoy– your love and support is always appreciated. We all want to share our stories with the world– I do hope y’all enjoy mine. It’s the first, but definitely not the last!


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