Holiday Season Sale!

I’m so excited to tell you guys: IT’S ALMOST THE HOLLY JOLLY SEASON, OKAY?

I know, you’re saying, “Uh, Mel? Ten days ago you were jazzed about Halloween, and we all know it’s going towards Yule and Christmas, and–”


I am a Holidays Crazy Person™. I love them all. Seriously. I get to dote on loved ones and friends, plan parties, and enjoy lovely weather for just about all of them. I can’t wait for Thanksgiving, as I’m making a Banana Split Trifle for my sister, and there’s gonna be copious amounts of turkey and dressing. I will be tired and stuffed, and also giddy.


Yes, I’m terrible.


I set up sales on ALL MY TITLES for you guys for the holiday season! Most of them will be on countdown deals, starting at .99 and working back up to normal prices of $2.99, while one will be TOTALLY FREE on Christmas Eve and Day! Sales start on Black Friday (11/24), and continue on through Christmas. The schedule is:

Godeater: The Second World – $.99~$2.99 11/24 through 12/01

Wayward: Poetry for Monsters, Muses, and Other Deviants – $.99~$2.99 12/01 though 12/08

Diamond Marked: The Tale of El’Anret – $.99~$2.99 12/08 through 12/15

Queen of Diamonds: A Tale of El’Anret (#1) – FREE 12/24 and 12/25

Stuff those stockings and get some loverly fiction (and poetry!) ebooks for the ones you love!

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