Wayward is LIVE!

I am super surprised to learn that Wayward: Poetry for Monsters, Muses, and Other Deviants is all ready and for sale! Paperback editions are $5.99, and e-book editions are currently $2.99– if you’d like both, it’s on Matchbook for only $.99 when the paperback is purchased!

ebook ($2.99): Amazon

Paperback (ONLY $5.99): Amazon

I’d love to hear what you guys think; if you pick up a copy, please leave your review! Here’s what some readers have said about WAYWARD:

The collection can find a poem about love, a poem about unreserved love, nature, sadness, rage, aging, and all the feelings that pass through the fading life. In some poems, you feel sarcasm toward life and the inability to change anything, and again in other verses, it celebrates life through the birth of a child. Certainly, this collection of poetry will not leave you indifferent and anyone will be able to find yourself in some poems.

-Stjepan Cobets, poet and author of The Child of Happiness

This “wayward” collection of poems from Melody Klink contains many words of regret and sadness, and joy and celebration, while leaving the reader intensely thoughtful about life, lives and the meaning of it all.

-G.J. Griffith, author of Dizzyrambic Imaginings

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