Wayward is LIVE!

I am super surprised to learn that Wayward: Poetry for Monsters, Muses, and Other Deviants is all ready and for sale! Paperback editions are $5.99, and e-book editions are currently $2.99-- if you'd like both, it's on Matchbook for only $.99 when the paperback is purchased! ebook ($2.99): Amazon Paperback (ONLY $5.99): Amazon I'd love... Continue Reading →

Single Serve Flash Fiction: Poetry. “Missing.”

A bit of poetry today. "Missing" Today, I find myself missing. People. Ideas. Things. I miss having the capacity to think of myself. I miss having little to take care of. I miss the days of being prudently carefree. I miss the me I used to be. Work work work. No pay, everyday. This life... Continue Reading →

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