Announcing: WAYWARD, A Poetry Chapbook!

WAYWARD: Poetry for Monsters, Muses & Other Deviants is a chapbook collection of assorted poetry of mine, to be released in the coming months! Here’s the official blurb:

difficult to control or predict because of unusual behavior.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a mermaid and an astronaut. So, I became both- neither at war with the other, despite being at two extremes.

What does this have to do with poetry? Everything.

Within these pages, you’ll find poems that strain both sides of consciousness- words that aren’t afraid to be their truth, especially in the moment they were written in. Sometimes, they’re in harmony. Other times, their only harmony is found in chaos.

That’s what it’s like, being wayward.

In Melody Klink’s debut poetry collection, she shares many facets of her own life, from dealing with Anxiety and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, to being a mother; from yearning to be her true self, to reveling in nature– sometimes, all at once. Offered as a random stream of consciousness, WAYWARD is a thoughtful, and often heart-wrenching, look at what it is to breathe in our everyday, modern life.

WAYWARD will be available in paperback format first, with an e-book form in the works. It will feature some poems that were posted here on BGT as Flash Poetry, but the majority have never been published!

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