Featured Freebie: Waters of Salt and Sin

Today, I want to share an awesome Young Adult book with you guys that will be FREE to pick up September 1st through September 5thWaters of Salt and Sin by Alisha Klapheke!

First off, let me tell you: this book gives me cover envy. It is so utterly gorgeous, as are the rest of the books in the Uncommon World series! Ready for the mini-blurb?

A low-caste salt witch in love with the wrong boy, a stolen sister, and the mythical treasure that could change everything. Perfect for Sabaa Tahir and Sarah J Maas fans!

Are you hooked yet? RIGHT?! Here’s the big blurb!

Orphaned and with only a small boat to her name, Kinneret is scraping out a low-caste living. Barely. It doesn’t help that she has a fiery temper, or that she secretly practices forbidden salt magic to control the sea. None of that will keep her and her younger sister fed.

And it won’t keep Calev, the Chairman’s son, close to her either. Their childhood friendship is tolerated, but when they come of age it will have to end. She can’t let Calev be outcast for her sake. She loves him too much.

The only real solution to all Kinneret’s problems is to rise above her station, so when a family friend offers her a map to the mythical island of silver, she will risk it all to seek a treasure lost to the seas for over 300 years.

Mmmmm. SO many of my favorite ideas rolled into one. Want to pick up your copy? Head on over to Amazon and get it while it’s FREE!

If you’re interested in more of Alisha Klapheke’s works, head over to her Official Website!

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