Diamond Marked on Countdown Sale – Happy Autumn!

Anyone who has heard me talk at this time of year knows I FREAKING LOVE FALL. It’s my favorite season; Halloween/wedding anniversary (yep, we did that, love it), my birthday (woohoo!), and just celebrating the season itself… so awesome. I love the change in the leaves, the cooler weather, the spook in the air, our part of the Earth, turning in on itself and hunkering down for winter… It’s the Season of the Witch, and I’m all here for it!

To celebrate the Autumnal Equinox, Diamond Marked: The Tale of El’Anret will be on a countdown sale! This means it’ll start at just $.99 for ALL THREE El’Anret stories, then go up to $1.99, before returning to its usual price of $2.99. Here’s the blurb:

Inside a mortal girl lies the heart of the Queen of Diamonds, true ruler over El’Anret, the world of Faerie.

Inside a Half-Human, Half-Fae boy lives the soul of a Stag King, mysterious and powerful creature of legend, capable of transforming worlds… or destroying them.

And neither of them belong.

In a world of myths and monsters, it will take them both to usurp a renegade queen— one who stole the crown and made the whole of El’Anret bend to her will.

The Faerie world will never be the same.

DIAMOND MARKED: The Tale of El’Anret combines the stories of the Faerie and Mortal worlds into a single collection. Queen of Diamonds, Jack of Diamonds, and King of Diamonds are included in their Author Preferred text editions.

The story of Hazel Leigh Mac Tíre and Prince Gideon started in August.

Every season is felt throughout the story.

And time is a tricky thing.

Won’t you join us in the Faerie world of El’Anret?

Grab your copy here!

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