Broken Links: Smashwords and Draft2Digital

Over the next few days, you may encounter some broken links in the WORKS section- I’m working on moving away from some individual presses & Smashwords, to redistributing with Draft2Digital. Quite a few reasons went into making the decision:

1) A lot of those extra distributors that Smashwords has? Sometimes, they never get the book. I checked Godeater just now, and it’s never even been sent to many of these, despite being Opted-In for them since pre-release! They tout this message: “Will ship. Will be shipped on release date of 2-29-2016.”

You’re late. …that was well over a year ago. So far, there’s no rhyme or reason to why it hasn’t been done.

2) Smashwords doesn’t make edits easy. Of course, I think everyone knows about the MeatGrinder by now. I can upload the exact same file (after downloading it from them to make a small edit), and it won’t pass upon resubmission. I end up jumping through a million hoops just to have it approved again.

3) Moving away from NookPress, and simply using D2D for B&N: again, my files don’t end up chewed up and spit out. I uploaded a totally normal file for Queen of Diamonds, only to find out that Chapter Six was made up entirely of broken HTML! Why?? I contacted their Help team to try and figure it out. I was told, If you don’t like it, that’s on you. You can change the file and fix it.

… well great, except I didn’t break the file and it looks totally normal except for on your site… but that was super helpful. I was a little disappointed there with this response.

Bonus for D2D here: authors can get 1.5 times the royalty payout!

Soooo while I make the necessary transitions, links might be a little wonky. Apologies! I promise I’ll have everything back up soon!

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