Broken Links: Smashwords and Draft2Digital

Over the next few days, you may encounter some broken links in the WORKS section- I'm working on moving away from some individual presses & Smashwords, to redistributing with Draft2Digital. Quite a few reasons went into making the decision: 1) A lot of those extra distributors that Smashwords has? Sometimes, they never get the book.... Continue Reading →

Godeater Gone Rogue (Or Wide Again)

Hey all! Trying to put all my pieces back together again, not unlike Humpty Dumpty's horses and men. This post is to let you guys know that Godeater: The Second World e-book edition has gone wide again! After a brief stint with Amazon KDP, I've realized that just isn't the path for this story; so... Continue Reading →

Eyes on Authors: Sherri Fulmer Moorer

We're into the full swing of Summer now, and it's time for another Eyes on Authors! Today, Sherri Fulmer Moorer will be sharing her book, Progenitor: Book One of the Earthside Trilogy, with us. Life can be frustrating. People and circumstances can irritate you. The best laid plans can explode, leaving you confused and uncertain.... Continue Reading →

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