Flash Fiction: Poetry, “Storm”

Today, it’s been storming like crazy. Doesn’t bother me, though- there’s something magical about Southern thunderstorms. It’s in the warm air, quick breezes, the wind chimes and thunder mingling together… When I was a kid, we would open all the doors and windows and let the sounds pour through the house, where they’d sync up perfectly with Fleetwood Mac, or Stevie Ray Vaughan, or Garth Brooks, or Eric Clapton…

Oh, you got caught up on Garth Brooks? Hey, Garth was THE JAM back then. He even had a song about thunderstorms, but uh… its message wasn’t exactly an educational, meteorology-related one.


Anytime it storms here, I buzz with inspiration. Today’s downpour brought this little thing to life.


She comes in on gushing waves
Her voice thunder
All southern twang and sultry
And full of magic
Her eyes lightning
Each flash a hot and bothered moment
One you’d love to keep
But in a breath, it’s already gone
She dances over the drawn lines
Her two-steps and twirls
Barely calculated
By men who long to tame her
They’ll always want to
After all,
Who can resist her call?

I find that the natural world brings me the most inspiration of all. I have an entire collection of flash poetry in my phone about storms! …which I should probably back up to something that *isn’t* my cellphone.

So! What inspires you guys? Is it Mother Nature with her wild ways, or does the concrete jungle show you more insight?

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