Maggie Stiefvater + Random Musings

Today while perusing the everyday shenanigans of GoodReads, I came across this:

Now, when the person asked this, I had to go look again. I knew I had seen it recently- it was when Maggie was signing/doodling on the pre-order copies of The Raven King [these fanciful copies can be procured HERE], and sure enough, the symbol was upside down. Her response?

“I uh

Boy did I find that refreshing. Now, she could be being totally cryptic about why it is upside down, but I found relief in the fact that maybe she, the creator of the thing, just accidentally drew it upside down.

We will only be able to tell fo sho once the book launches on April 26th.

Why did I find this refreshing? Because sometimes, when people ask me questions about the very things I create, I blank on details. Even while I’m writing these things, I question whether or not I did this *this way* or *that*, and to see that maybe this was the same kind of case gave me relief. I can see Naika, Noah and Sirus clear as day, but is Noah’s Sowilo rune here or there? Maybe it’s because I have OCD and Anxiety that the This is what I thought/this is what I did/this is how I changed it sometimes blur together. I would love to be able to say, “I remember 100% of all the things” when it comes to this stuff, but I can’t.

Hell, most of the time I couldn’t tell you which sides of my own body have which tattoos. And they’ve been there a long time.

Either way, I’m halfway through Blue Lily, Lily Blue, and I’ll be picking The Raven King up at the end of the month!

It’s funny. I had never read any of Stiefvater’s work until last month, but I’ve loved The Raven Cycle so fiercely that I’ve read the books one after another. I worked in a bookstore for a some years as a manager over Children’s/YA, so I was there for most of the Wolves of Mercy Falls launches, I just never picked them up.

I read a lot of Lisa Mantchev and David Clement-Davies while I was there, though. Also mucho good stuff. Anyway!

Some followers have said that Godeater reminds them of The Raven Boys, which after reading it, I find totally awesome. Our two books do have some similarities: we both have a Noah (go Team Noah!), and both deal with ravens in differing ways. Both also deal with mythology, though Godeater doesn’t touch on Welsh mythology at all (I’ll have to learn more about it before I go writing about it, because my knowledge is a good Zero Percent as it stands.)

Ahhhh, fangirling. I’m late to the party, but I’m here now!

In other news, Bard Girl Press is full steam ahead! I’ve got a few things in the works, including a potential Fall 2016 writing contest, chock full of prizes and shenanigans! Woo! Updates will come as I smash up the concrete they’re built on, rebuild them about 500 times, then finally say “Okay fine.”

Speaking of contests, I recently entered the Short-Tale Shrew Spring Fever Contest! It’s for Microfiction, so if you’ve got some, head on over! There’s a $5 entry fee.

And since I posted my Flash Fiction on Tuesday, I uh… don’t have any. I feels weird not posting it on a Friday. So… derp. Haha.

What are your weekend plans, people?! Will you be writing, adventuring, Netflix-ing?

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