On Hiatus, Or As Life Likes to Call it, Life Happening.

Today marked a BIG OCCASION for us in Le Klink Household, as we registered the big kid for Kindergarten. She starts her school journey, brand-new, in just a few weeks. As such, I'm going to be taking a break from my blog (and Social Media I PRAY, LAWD I NEED TO) to spend those last... Continue Reading →

Single Serve Flash Fiction: Poetry. “Missing.”

A bit of poetry today. "Missing" Today, I find myself missing. People. Ideas. Things. I miss having the capacity to think of myself. I miss having little to take care of. I miss the days of being prudently carefree. I miss the me I used to be. Work work work. No pay, everyday. This life... Continue Reading →

Oh, April Fool’s Day.

A day dedicated worldwide to pranking people and making mischief? Where's Loki at?! Well, that looks about right. (Want a crash course on April Fool's? Here's a good chunk of info.) I am certainly one to take- and make- a joke. But today, the Day of Fools, people get carried away. Especially on social media... Continue Reading →

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