Single Serve! Flash Fiction in 5 sentences.

This week’s Flash Fiction challenge over at terribleminds was, as the title states, a whole story told in just five sentences, with 100 words as the max. Chuck was sure to point out that this needs to be a story, not a snapshot. So I ended up writing three: one, which I super love, but borders on snapshot; one, which follows the outline of a story, but is boring as hell to me; and the one I finally chose to submit. Here they are!


#1: “Quake”

It never occurred to me that he’d be the one. We were never close; he was always the one at the back of the class, the last in line, the furthest from me. But right here, right now, we are all each other’s got. I suck in a deep breath, and meet his gaze as he reaches for my hand. That’s when the earth beneath us shatters open, the end made of magma and darkness.

#2: “End of the Line”

It seemed like the line had grown stagnant, all of us waiting like nervous rats at the pellet feeder.

“Number 326,” a deep voice bellows, “326, front and center.”

I shakily wave my hand overhead, swallowing hard as I wade through the sweaty, writhing masses before me.

“Hope you’re ready for the end,” he says, strapping me down way too tight.

“Me too–” I start to say, but the roller coaster is already in motion.

#3: “Witch Way”

She blew a stray strand of hair out of her eyes, already straining to see how many drops fell from the flask’s curved lip.

“You’ve got to get this transmogrification right, else you’re gonna flunk out of the Gifted Witches program,” she chided herself aloud.

Shit– how many drops was that?!

A guy rose from the resulting blast of smoke, blue eyes and black hair settled against bronze skin, his body sleek and tight.

“Well THAT was unexpected.”


Flash fiction challenges are always so fun! I tend to write a lot throughout random moments, but these always get me focused in again. If you’ve submitted any flash for this, feel free to share links to your stories below!

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