Shenanigans is one of my favorite words.

I love that word. Seriously. I love it even more when I actually get to use it, which is ALL THE TIME. What I *don't* love is when shenanigans smack me in the face with a bass. BASS, not BASS. *hee* Okay, the bad shenanigans have to wait, because it's good shenanigans time! First off,... Continue Reading →


Musical Heart Thumps

I speak three languages: Music, Alienese, and Bad English. The first of those is my heartbeat- it's how I got my name, after all. Music is a huge part of my writing, as it is with many other authors. Sometimes, a melody sans lyrics is necessary; other times, the lyrics are what inspire the scene,... Continue Reading →

Godeater Now Available in e-book!

Hey you guuuuuuys. Just writing to let you loverly people know that Godeater: The Second World is now available as an e-book! The title said that, did it? Derp. Here it is for: Kindle & Amazon Products Nook Kobo: Pending! Apple: Pending! As soon as the various websites update, I'll post their links!

Single Serve! Flash Fiction – Sin.

This week's terribleminds story queue (love that word!) is all about the seven deadly sins. The prompt said to pick one and get those 1,000 words-- why pick one, when you can have them all?! Woo OVERACHIEVERS. Here's my story, "Sins." ***** "Sins" Sins. She collected them like rings on her fingers—glittery, shiny things that... Continue Reading →

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