Flash Poetry: Loyalty

Sometimes Loyalty Really takes it out of me Because "loyalty" Really means "sacrifice." It doesn't mean "here when you Need me" It now means "here, take all of me" Or taking without asking Because "you'll always be here, Right?" And now being loyal comes at a price...

Flash Poetry: “Glass Castle”

You never know how A glass castle will crumble Until the last rock flung Finally flies right through The closed window Some pieces are massive Made from the grinding sands Of time Other pieces are so small, So infinitesimal that there's no chance that They'll ever be redeemed. This castle can't be put back together... Continue Reading →

Flash Poetry: For CB.

People talk of endings As if they're fruit Ripe on the vine, just pick one and go. We never talk about What this is, This kind of ending. There's quitting the band Tiredness setting into bones Far too long away There's walking away from the spotlight But this was none of that. A guttural hymn... Continue Reading →

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