A Small Appreciation for Silence

We’ve finally ended our real estate journey. The last five months of our lives have been a special kind of hell, but it’s all paid off now. We’re in a home that we love, our old house is sold, and it’s time to be happy and comfortable again.

Who am I kidding? The entire year of 2016 has been a mixture of zen and special kinds of hell.

I’ve finally got a functioning laptop again, and I’ve recovered a file of the second El’Anret novella! I’ll be racing to meet my estimated Winter Solstice release date; only time will tell. And honestly? I’m kind of okay if I miss it.

Please don’t misunderstand: I would never want to let you guys down. I want y’all to get your hands on the next piece of El’Anret’s story as bad as I want it to be complete. But at the same time, I’m currently in a world of chaos. Most of it good chaos, some of it the odd kind of chaos only sudden anxiety/depression can bring on. In the last almost-four weeks, I’ve purchased a home; held a 1st birthday party in said home after working my fingers to the bone to make the house presentable; fought off strep throat, twice; had a Thanksgiving feast; made the house festive for Christmas; and lastly, tried to breathe. The adrenaline has yet to stop pumping.

The copious amounts of coffee don’t help.

Anyway. I just wanted y’all to know that I’m working my way back into the grind, and before too long, I’ll have new flash fiction, a cover reveal for El’Anret part two, and even moar memes than before. Thanks for hanging around! 

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