Eyes on Authors: Sherri Fulmer Moorer

We’re into the full swing of Summer now, and it’s time for another Eyes on Authors! Today, Sherri Fulmer Moorer will be sharing her book, Progenitor: Book One of the Earthside Trilogy, with us.

Life can be frustrating. People and circumstances can irritate you. The best laid plans can explode, leaving you confused and uncertain. Life can also be boring. The hum drum of everyday can leave you in a frustrated fight out of an endless rut. The mountaintop experiences are few and far between, leaving us to live in the spaces between joy and sorrow.

Welcome to a sanctuary where you can escape reality to gaze into the dark mirrors of parallel universes at ordinary people dealing with extraordinary circumstances.

Most writers use their bio an explanation of who they are and why they write. I’ll make this simple. My name is Sherri Fulmer Moorer. I write because I’ve always loved to do it, and ebooks gave me an opportunity to share those stories with readers that I just couldn’t pass up. Plain and simple, I’m an opportunist. When the ebook revolution hit, I dove in because I wanted to be involved on the front end of this new wave. Who doesn’t want to be part of a revolution?

I’m many other things in addition to being an author. I work full time in professional licensing, which is great for keeping me in touch with people and reality and, in turn, inspires me to write more. I’m married and live in the woods with two parrots that keep our hearts, home, and lives filled with joy and silliness that most people find strange. I’m a book reviewer, social media rambler, and borderline introvert/extrovert who’s kindred spirit, according to online quizzes, is somewhere between a Sith Inquisitor from Star Wars and Scooter from The Muppets.

That might be the best intro I’ve ever read. Seriously, I need to take these quizzes. Welcome, welcome! Tell us about Progenitor, the first book in your Earthside Trilogy.

Humanity’s greatest achievement exposes our greatest weakness.

Kalea Kerner was an electrical engineer focused on taking over her father’s company, until her uncle sat up from his deathbed and healed her broken foot. The miracle of their healing without the aid of recently developed nanotechnology puzzles doctors, especially when other cases of miracle healings are revealed. When the witnesses to the resurrections demonstrate abilities beyond human capacity, both medical professionals and government leaders are desperate to discover why witnesses to the healings are evolving, while the people who healed them are degenerating through their original diseases. These strange events on the brink of the twenty second century unite doctors, scientists, and ordinary people whose lives have been turned upside down grappling with the possibility that something greater than their advanced technology may have come into the world.

Is it a miracle? Is it a side effect of increased technology? Or is it something else?

Any warnings we should know about your book?
Death is an element in this book, so those squeamish about it might be uncomfortable with some of the extra details.

Do you stick to just writing Science Fiction? Do you like to branch out?
I write science fiction, mystery/suspense, and Christian/inspirational. I can’t be pigeonholed into just one area.

What inspired you to start writing, and what keeps you going?
I’ve always been a writer. I would draw pictures to tell stories before I learned how to read and write. I suppose the fact that I keep having ideas for novels keeps me going – that, and I’m bored when I’m not writing or promoting my published works.

We all have a different publication story. Would you like to share any of yours?
I’ve had more luck with self publishing than with epublishers. There isn’t anything wrong with the 2 epublishers that have published several of my books, but I realized that promotion is 100% my responsibility either way, and it’s easier when I have control over things like price point, running specials, etc. Plus, I can publish when I’m ready to, and don’t have to wait 12-18 months for my book to come up on a schedule before it can be released.

Right on! I agree with you 100%. If the workload is the same (i.e. exhausting all the time), you may as well be in full control! Any advice for your fellow writers?
Don’t give up, and don’t stay discouraged. I say don’t stay discouraged because it’s going to happen, but you have to motivate yourself to push on and not to give up. Fortune favors the ones that don’t quit.

I like the way you put that. Don’t stay discouraged. When it comes to advice, many writers gloss over the not-so-pretty parts, and some budding authors assume that because they are discouraged, that they aren’t cut out for writing. Any favorite authors or novels that you’d like to share? What are your inspirations in the author world?
I’m a huge Game of Thrones fan, both the TV series and the books. I read a wide variety of things and have been trying to read more indie authors lately. One title I recently was very impressed with is Mercury Ice – The Seventh Coordinate, by Michael Morrow.

I haven’t read that one! I’m heading to Goodreads to find it now. I’m crazy about Game of Thrones, too. In fact, I’m a little sad that we just wrapped up the season. Another year of waiting! Combined with the fact that we’re either two short seasons or one long season away from the big finale… oh, I’ve got chills. And honestly, when you actually read the books, you become almost overwhelmed by the sheer amount of detail and craft put into them. I’ve had people ask me if I write like that. The answer is a short, sweet no. That epic fantasy might be a little too epic for my writing attention span. So where can we find you all across the great web of ours?

Official website
Amazon Author page
Independent Author Network

I like your style, lady. Such a pleasure to have you here in my little space on the web! And readers, you guys need to check out Progenitor: Book One of the Earthside Trilogy, which you can find at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords!

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