Happy book birthday, King of Diamonds!

Happy Midsummer’s Eve! Tomorrow is a day full of sun and magick…

and I can’t believe it: the novella that ended the Tale of El’Anret is one year old today!

Darkness has long been cast over El’Anret.

While two diamond-marked Queens toil under the watch of the monstrous Alexandria, an awakening is happening– one that the renegade queen would never suspect.

Jack, Stag King of El’Anret, stirs from his crystal slumber.

As death waits around every corner and honored allies begin to fall, he has but one choice: harness the darkness inside him, before El’Anret falls deeper into madness. Jack must find any ally he can to save not only his mother and the rightful Queen of Diamonds, but the only world he’s ever truly called home.

Will the Stag King balance the scales between dark and light, or will El’Anret be lost forever?

KING OF DIAMONDS is the explosive finale of Melody Klink’s Tales of El’Anret series.

You can check out The Tale of El’Anret here!

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