GODEATER: The Second World just 99 Cents!

The title… really says it all! Curious about GODEATER: The Second World, but haven’t gotten your copy? For a limited time, you can snag an e-book copy for JUST 99 CENTS!


Here’s a blurb for your perusal:

Strange things happen in the dark…

In a world void of divinity, there is little to believe in. The gods and heroes of mythology have all disappeared, their stories lost to the ages. So few know the truth…

Naika Connors leads a quiet, normal life—at least, as quiet and normal as a welder and shape-shifting girl can. Naika was born with The Call—a primal instinct that causes her body to transform into that of a polar bear when in distress— a condition that has sometimes been the bane of her existence, and one that’s been absent in human culture for centuries.

When a mysterious force robs the Earth of all sunlight, Naika must team up with her best friend, Noah Humphreys, and an unwilling boy from her past, Sirus Vick, to determine the cause. Their little North Dakota town is turned upside down as mythological beings of every sort crawl off the forgotten pages of history and into their lives. One monster rules above the rest— one that threatens the very existence of the world: the Godeater.

Will they be able to save the lights of the cosmos? Are all of the gods truly gone?


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