Prelim Cover Reveal + Pre-order Info: Queen of Diamonds

In the words of Bruce Buffer, IIIIIIIIT’S TIIIIIIIIIIIIME!

Are you guys ready to see the cover to Queen of Diamonds: A Tale of El’Anret? I’ve been tight-lipped about this one, but we’re ready steady GO!

Queen of Diamonds isn’t exactly a standard quota fairy tale. It’s got faeries, and it’s certainly a tale, but it isn’t quite what you might think. Here’s the loooong blurb:

There are some days in life that change the way you are, forever. That One Day Where All Things Are Undone. For Hazel Leigh Mac Tíre, that day was the day she found the mound in her backyard. It began as small as a mole’s hill, growing and growing as the hours ticked by, until a hole that spanned three feet wide sat against an open mouth of dirt.

The stories always warned to stay away from Faerie mounds. Leigh did not always listen.

What waited inside? A sadistic, renegade Queen with a stolen crown. A tortured Prince. An entire Faerie world in need of saving. And, thanks to the Fae fires that marked her, Leigh was their new and rightful Queen. She must separate fact and fairy tale in order to survive the realm of El’Anret. Can she save a world she wasn’t made for?

QUEEN OF DIAMONDS is the first novella in the TALES OF EL’ANRET trilogy, the newest series by Young Adult author Melody Klink.

And the short one!

When Faerie mounds start popping up all through a small Mississippi town, every fairy tale ever whispered in the night begins to come true. One mortal girl must join a rag-tag group of mythical allies to not only save the world of the Faerie, but her own. As the lines between fiction and reality blur, Hazel Leigh Mac Tíre must fight– either become the Fae’s new Queen of Diamonds, or die.

ARE YOU EXCITED YET? BECAUSE I AM. WHEEEEEEE. Romance, Faeries, adventure, other worlds… I love it. When I finished this and was searching for Beta readers, I said, “Y’all? I accidentally wrote a Faerie romance thing.” Those who have read Godeater know that romance is not generally at the center of my tales. I must go where the characters tell me!

So we’re working out the last few little things for the cover, but I feel good about what we’ve got and I want to show you!

Are you ready to join the fray in El’Anret? Here are the preoder links!

Amazon * Apple * Draft2Digital * Kobo * Smashwords

I’ll add the other links as they populate. See you guys in El’Anret!

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