No, YOU’RE too early to pick Halloween reads!

It’s getting close.

Oh so close.

IT’S ALMOST FALL! Which brings lots of stuff around here: MAH BIRTHDAY, Hallowversary (when you get married on Halloween because you’re amazing!), baby birthday, cool weather, beautiful leaves, and a still and quiet darkness.


Seriously, you should see the amount of memes people have posted to my personal Facebook page about this. I SHALL SHARE THEM:

And that’s just within the last week or so. People know me well. My love for memes PLUS Halloween? Y’ALL.

Right around this time every year, I start getting the Autumnal prickle in my chest. It’s time to pick what I’m reading for October; I do Creepytober, which is picking all the creepy/spooky/Halloweeny books and reading them until All Hallow’s Eve! So far on my list:

The Dead House by Dawn Kurtagich
Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things by Martina McAtee
A Night in the Lonesome October by Robert Zelazny: I read this one every year. It’s one of my favorites!
Something Wicked this Way Comes by Ray Bradbury: I also tend to read this one each year. Ray Bradbury is one of my favorite authors of all time, and this book definitely has many quote worthy moments, but it isn’t my favorite of his works. I’m not sure I’m feeling it at the moment. I may read The October Country instead. We’ll see!
The Woman in Black: A Ghost Story by Susan Hill

One of my new reads in years past was The Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill, and I absolutely LOVED it. It was probably my favorite Creepytober read in 2014. Last year, I didn’t get to do Creepytober as much, with the whole WAITING TO BIRTH AN ALIEN HUMAN thing going on. I like to read through the ages of creepy/Horror– not just new titles, but an eclectic mix that spans the art.

What does your Autumnal reading look like? Do you have any creepy recommendations for me?

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