Pretty Little Muse

A few posts ago, I talked about how The Game goes when you’re seeking an Agent: keep your feelings in check; it isn’t personal when you get rejected; keep on chugging on.

I have to tell you that sometimes it’s hard to take your own advice.

In addition to other excellent folks, I had four particular agents that I was crazy pumped to submit to; their literary loves lined up with mine, they represented books that were in the same genre as mine, and overall, they just seemed (and still seem!) like rad people. But in a span of four days, I got rejection letters from each of them. One at a time, one per day.

And that was hard to take.

I’ve got a tough skin and a Business Chin, so to speak, but it was like rain filling up my galoshes– my feet were already in there, and damn, here comes the rain, straight into my boots. Making my socks wet and gross. Making me emo. (Oh, emo, there, I’ve gone and said it.) MY GALOSHES CAN ONLY TAKE ON SO MUCH WATER!

Of course, the rejections didn’t stop me. I’ve queried more since then, and I’ll keep on doing so. Why? Well, because somewhere in my brain, there’s this pretty little creature who won’t stop spilling words everywhere; they’re on the floor, on the ceiling, in the pink, squishy crevices of my lobes. She makes me keep going. ❤

Now, tell me: how do you handle rejections? Does your Muse keep you pushing along, refusing to let you wallow and give up (or maybe she lets you wallow a little before she starts kicking you in the eyeball)? Remember: the only way to ever achieve greatness is to try. If you stop trying, you'll never know how awesome you can be.

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