Diamond Marked Release Party!

DIAMOND MARKED is finally here. Celebrate with me tomorrow at 11AM CT, on my Facebook Author page! Here's the event page link! I'll be reposting the event stuff onto my page as well, so no one misses out. ❤ I hope you'll join me for memes, music, and shenanigans!

The End of an Era. (Happy Book Birthday, KING.)

Ahhh. The trapper-keeper. Yep, I still have one, and it's actually my main writing notebook and scraps holder!  Pssssssh junior high is forevs, people. Mine's not Lisa Frank, but maybe it should be. As I create worlds and ideas flow to me, I like to write them all down (like most author creatures, obviously... I... Continue Reading →


IT'S SO SPARKLY! Thanks to John Henderson over at HendArt.com for his graphical sorcery! Diamond Marked will be heading your way just after KING OF DIAMONDS. It's the end of an era, y'all.

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