The End of an Era. (Happy Book Birthday, KING.)

Ahhh. The trapper-keeper. Yep, I still have one, and it’s actually my main writing notebook and scraps holder! 

Pssssssh junior high is forevs, people. Mine’s not Lisa Frank, but maybe it should be.

As I create worlds and ideas flow to me, I like to write them all down (like most author creatures, obviously… I just like actually writing), and the trapper-keeper becomes a sort of living story all its own, filled with partially constructed things and shiny gems.

Each time I finish a work, I take all the hand-written or printed parts of that work and tuck them away in their own little container. Archive them away… for good.

And today, it’s time. 

For two years, I carefully crafted my world of Faeries and monsters, planting seeds that sprouted flowers I didn’t even know the species of. I’d like to share some moments with you guys as I reflect on this journey (and get a little emo.) 

The first and very last notes of the DIAMONDS series.

Back when Hazel Leigh Mac Tire didn’t even have a name.

Figuring out the mystery of El’Anret: did you know that E L A N R E T is from the word ETERNAL? This is where I brainstormed the name of both the world and Leigh.

The first map of El’Anret.

Calculating the giant, R’haetgan. 

Now, as every story begins, so too, does this one end. As King of Diamonds enters the world… the garden that was El’Anret has flourished, and now its tending is done.

Happy book birthday, King of Diamonds.

So long, and goodnight. So long, and goodnight.

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