Single Serve! Flash Fiction – Sin.

This week's terribleminds story queue (love that word!) is all about the seven deadly sins. The prompt said to pick one and get those 1,000 words-- why pick one, when you can have them all?! Woo OVERACHIEVERS. Here's my story, "Sins." ***** "Sins" Sins. She collected them like rings on her fingers—glittery, shiny things that... Continue Reading →

Single Serve! Flash Fiction – Pick A Sentence & GO!

It's that time again- I'm trying to get back into the ever-awesome flash fiction challenges posted by Chuck Wendig over at his awesomely-NSFW site, terribleminds. This week's challenge was to pick an opener sentence and roll with it. I chose sentence #6: "The first breath shattered her world, the second shattered her heart." (written in by... Continue Reading →

Single Serve! – Flash Fiction Time!

This week, Chuck Wendig posted a Flash Fiction Challenge, centered around the almighty single, random sentence. I've never once participated in such shenanigans. Until now. Right now. Here I am. After picking my sentence, I raged through writing this little ministory, all giddy and excited to be writing something new... and something that wasn't my book.... Continue Reading →

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