Back-To-School e-book Sale!

I write Fantasy- whimsical things, dark things, mythological things about gods and faeries and other worlds. I also love writing Poetry, and I’ve even penned a baby book! With everyone gearing up for Back-To-School, I’ve decided to put all of my current e-book titles on sale for just .99¢! These include my full-length novels, my poetry chapbook, and my book for babies and toddlers, Bad Mood Boogaloo.

Sale starts today, and ends August 12th. All major e-book retailers included!


Draft2Digital above will link you to any retailer of your choice, besides Amazon. As always thanks for the support!

Please note: novellas Queen of Diamonds, Jack of Diamonds, and King of Diamonds are still their normal price of .99¢ each– ALL of these are included in Diamond Marked, so save yourself some money and buy the complete tale!

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