Heeey, 2019.

I started the New Year out by immediately getting grossly sick, so that really revved my engine up for resolutions and revolutions. Though, let’s be honest: I tend to find the concept of resolutions a frustrating thing. Not because they’re nonsense or anything, but because I think we all genuinely try our best throughout the year, and sometimes, we set unattainable goals for ourselves.

In short, we set ourselves up for failure, on purpose.

If you’re able to hit your 365/goals and 100% them, then ALL MY HATS OFF TO YOU! But ultimately, I tend to go for more nebulous concepts for the sheer fact of Life and All Its Shenanigans.

That should be a book. Seriously.

You can’t consider yourself a failure if your life is suddenly thrown into turmoil. You’re doing the best you can with what you’re given. The problem with that is that we still beat ourselves up for missing the shot, trying our best be damned.

I previously shared my 2019 word with you all: Thrive. That’s my overall wish for the year; do more than survive and mark another day off the calendar. On different days, that might mean different things, and that’s okay! Long as it’s a day well-ticked-off.

I would like to set a few slightly-less-nebulous goals, though:

  • I’d love to get a piece of Flash Fiction out at least once a month this year.
  • I’d REALLY love to finish the first draft of this Urban Fantasy (NOT YA) that I’ve been hammering away at. I was on course last year, but then November-December happened and… yeah. That was no longer in the cards. I desperately tried to keep my, and my family’s, head above water. That’s all I could do.
  • Submitting more poetry.

What do your goals look like this year? Are you all about resolutions, or do you skip them?

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