Holiday Book Spotlight: Forgotten Kingdom


As the exemplary son of the Dark King of the Winter Court, and next in line for the crown, Kyr Gaerrath has devoted the last seven thousand years of his life, to becoming the implacable ruler his king demands of him. Commanding the Dark Army and employing all of his resources for the Summer Queen’s submission, and winning the battle to rule them all.

But being the son of the most powerful king in the realm doesn’t warrant happiness. The woman Kyr wants as his queen is forbidden to him not only by royal laws but also by their mystical Fae nature.

After an encounter with a powerful being long thought to be dead, Kyr and his brothers Ash and Nyx, will leave the Winter Court and embark on a journey that will uncover many secrets kept from them; including a startling truth about their past.

*Readers who enjoyed A Court of Thorns and Roses, and Game of Thrones will love Forgotten Kingdom.
*This book is recommended for readers 16 and over due to extra sexy book boyfriends.*

The end of that blurb made me laugh! If you’d like to get a copy and find these book boyfriends, Forgotten Kingdom is available through Kindle Unlimited for free, and purchasable at Amazon!

Bonus: It’s on sale for just .99 cents until DECEMBER 4th!

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