Paperback Giveaway!

The Story

Once upon a time, Memphis TN had a bookstore called The Booksellers at Laurelwood (which was previously Davis-Kidd Booksellers). They were a pretty great store, with a massive retail space and lots of cool, niche-y stuff aside from just books.

They were the first Indie bookstore to carry my paperback, as seen here:

At that time, GODEATER: The Second World was my only little word bird, which they happily let me sign, and they displayed proudly on their feature YA tables.

After a time, things didn’t look good for the bookstore: they were facing closure, and before too long, they started to liquidate their inventory and let the staff go. Memphis was losing a bit of its Indie scene.

But not all heroes wear capes: some of them come in the form of emboldened restaurant owners and investors who never once opened a bookstore, but knew the value that the Indie bookstore held in the community.

Thus, Novel Memphis was born– a brand-new spin on the old, with a new layout and much of the same great staff. And on September 22nd, they’ll be celebrating their 1st birthday in business!

And, thanks to the great people there, my paperbacks will happily be gracing their shelves once again; in the coming weeks, they should receive copies of GODEATER, Diamond Marked, and Wayward! (And maybe you’ll spot a Melody in the wild, signing them *WINKY FACE*)

*** G I V E A W A Y ***

To celebrate partnering up with Novel Memphis, I’m giving away signed paperback copies of both GODEATER and Diamond Marked! These are both Young Adult Fantasy titles, steeped in mythology and Faerie lore.

The giveaway runs from 9/16 to 9/30 – two weeks to get your entries in! Simply follow the link below!

C L I C K     H E R E

(I’ll contact the winners the week following the contest for shipping addresses. Giveaway run by myself via Rafflecopter, not endorsed by anyone but me. Giveaway open to US-based customers due to direct shipping- sorry!)

Here’s to Novel Memphis and the start of a great journey!

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  1. Gratz on 1 year, bookstores need to be saved. Print books seem to be dying out in the world of digital. Looking forward to reading your books as well.

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