Snow Days!

We have had snow on snow on snow down here in the South lately!

…yeah, it’s uh, a phenomenon we’re not used to.

While we’ve gotten a good seven inches of snow since last Thursday night, we’ve had the entire family home! Yes, around here a few inches of snow closes down the whole vicinity; we don’t really have the equipment (or type of cars, or buses, etc.) to handle a lot of snow, and we get ice like a mofo.

My children are driving each other nuts at this point.


And by proxy, they’re driving me nuts. I’ve gotten a little writing done, but it’s mostly been breaking up tussles… for days on end.

So! While one whines along to Barney and the other plays a bajillionth game on Roblox, I’m making snow candles!

Never heard of them? Allow me to layeth the smacketh knowledge down!

Snow candles are made by pouring readied wax (read: melted) directly into a hole in the snow, where the tightly-packed white stuff creates a natural mold. Don’t forget to stick the wick in there, first!

Since my candle supply is running low, I figured this would be an awesome way to not only restock, but to be purposeful out in nature, and enjoy the silent majesty of a Winter’s morn (sorry, no Cousin Eddie dumping his RV toilet included here).

For a minute, anyway. Because the “real feel” temperature here is 2° right now.

These candles only take a few minutes to set in such temperatures, and they’re fascinating to watch: the wax hardens really quickly, little pockets of steam pop up through the surface, and the snow around it melts slightly, giving you a cool-shaped candle!

So far, I’ve got white, pink, and red- I plan on trying to make an entire rainbow, plus black!

❅ Clear purpose ❅ clarity ❅ pureness ❅

For the metaphysical folks out there, I want at least one of each color, to represent their specific intents. Today is also the New Moon, so these will not only represent different intentions, but they’ll also be perfect to burn for new beginnings/projects/goals- how much more perfect can pure fallen snow be for this?!

Ahhh, well now it sounds like a rumble at the Thunderdome in my living room, so I must be off- have you gotten some of this winter storm, too?

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