I Don’t Know How to *NOT* Write Anymore

Yep, my brain KERSPLODED a little writing that.

So King of Diamonds is off to the beta readers, along with the other Tales of El’Anret books! I wanted to make sure I didn’t fall into any detail traps in wrapping up the story, so I asked for an overall read. I’m pumped to get feedback and keep chugging towards the final publication!


It was really bittersweet wrapping up the El’Anret stories- I cried a lot more than when I finished anything in GODEATER. It was quite cathartic, though; I’ve been dealing with a lot more than even *I* knew about, and seeing some of these resolutions, even if some were devastating, had a clearing effect on my mind, so to speak.

But I’m finding out that, in these last two weeks spent not writing, that I don’t know how to… not do that.

Literally, the morning after I submitted my NaNoWriMo win, my brain had moved on to the next thing. King of Diamonds hasn’t even gone off to Published Land! Considering I didn’t write a full-fledged novel until 2013, this was a bizarre feeling; the El’Anret stories popped into my head a good while after finishing GODEATER, and in between, I wrote one short story and tons of poetry. But this? This is a monster living in my head, clawing to get out.

“Hey, so I’m in here, and it’s getting a little cramped. Would you kindly throw some of these words on a page? Just give me an inch– let me take a mile. Just a little taste of the outside world…”

It talks like a demon. Don’t ask me– I just listen to the voices.

So! I’m filling out details on this next book-thing, and realizing that… I guess this is the Writer Life. Word Monsters filling your head until it either explodes, or you let them out willingly.

And you know I love letting monsters out.

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