Eyes on New Authors: R.J. Abell

Yeeeeeesh. I’m almost at the end of the Real Estate shenanigans. SO CLOSE NOW MUHHHH. While I wait though, I thought I might introduce you guys to a new author on the block: R.J. Abell, and their debut work, The Wildest Kind of Pretty. It’s dangerous to go alone, so let’s team up! (YOU THOUGHT I WAS GONNA GIVE YOU AN ITEM, DIDN’T YOU?! Aw I love you guys for it, though.)

Tell us about The Wildest Kind of Pretty.
The Wildest Kind of Pretty follows Lexi, a girl growing into herself and becoming more comfortable with who she is. She’s faced with tough decisions, because sometimes doing the right things hurt the wrong people. There’s a little drama, a little romance, a little immaturity, but you get to watch characters grow.

So it’s a more realistic YA romance kinda thing. Here’s the official blurb:
Lexi lives with her cousin Trevor. They’re closer than siblings, more like twins than anything else. It’s the start of Lexi’s freshman year, with four years difference, as a senior Trevor takes Lexi under his wing. Trevor’s a free bird if there ever was free bird. He’s always telling Lexi how they’re too young to settle because they’re too many wild and pretty things out there.

It’s freshman year, and Lexi’s never felt more nauseous. Thanks to the change that took place over the summer, the one with the sprout of legs and boobs, she doesn’t feel comfortable in her skin. Lexi’s always been wild and free, until she becomes insecure about how the boys at school will perceive the changes in her body.

Lexi’s first day starts out as a mess and Trevor seems to be going out of his way to embarrass her. Whether he realizes it or not, it’s not cool to put your cousin on blast for wearing Ninja Turtle underwear, especially not in front of his hot friend. Blake’s the prettiest wild thing Lexi’s ever seen. His eyes are the color of the sky caught in a storm, a girl could get lost in eyes like that. Blake coins her with a lousy nickname that makes her feel bad about herself. Lexi accepts that Blake’s out of her league and moves on.

It’s hard for Lexi to move on when her best friend and Blake become an item. Now Lexi’s down in the dumps, at her lowest of lows. Everything changes when Trevor throws a party. Lexi meets Evan, he’s sweet with dimples and eyes of velvet, a girl could get lost in eyes like that. The party’s epic, the party’s a mess. It’s a night full of firsts and regrets. Blake gives Lexi her first kiss in a harmless game of spin the bottle. After the kiss Blake starts to show interest in Lexi, but he’s still with her best friend and she’s still with Evan.

Always divided in two, like most 15-year olds, Lexi finds herself constantly confused about what’s right or wrong. She loves the boy with the eyes of velvet, but she can’t stop thinking about the boy with a storm in his eyes. Lexi finds there’s something to Trevor’s logic when it comes to all the wild and pretty things. Like sometimes, boys are the wildest kind of pretty; the kind that are all wrong for you, but you fall for them anyways. Those boys are nothing but distractions, but sometimes a distraction is what you need.

What genres do you write? Do you stick to just one?
Young Adult. I know that’s a wide range, but I plan to write different sub genres. While this book is a realistic/romance, I’m currently working on three separate books that are paranormal/romance.

Awesome! What inspired you to start writing, and what keeps you going?
I’ve always had a wild imagination, and writing was just a way to put it to use. I always want to get better and grow as a writer.

And how have you published your new book?
I’m self-published using Smashwords.

Do you have any favorite authors, titles, etc. that you’d like to share? What are your inspirations in the author world?
I have multiple! I love the Captive Series by Erica Stevens.

I haven’t read that series! I’ll have to take a peek. Any advice for your fellow writers?
Keep writing and shake it off. People tend to be negative so just don’t let them get to you and just keep doing what you love.

Writing (and art in general, I find) is a misunderstood occupation/love. Many folks don’t get that it isn’t always easy to hammer out a book!

You can find R.J. at:

You can also find Chapter One of the book here! If you’re interested in reading & reviewing a full copy of The Wildest Kind of Pretty, get in touch with R.J.!

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