22 Days of El’Anret: Lay of the Land

There are (at least) two sides to every story. In Queen of Diamonds, not only do differing opinions and ways of life come into play, but so do two alternate worlds.

Leigh and her family are from a small town in Mississippi.

Alexandria, Gideon, and their varied ilk are from El’Anret (boy, really? Haha.), the world of the Faerie.

Let’s compare the two!

Besides being fun to type (and spell aloud, if you know the “crooked letter” rhyme), Mississippi is the stage for the Earthen portion of our tale.

The Mac Tíres call a tiny town just past the northern state line, home. Their town is inspired by a string of little country places that all blend together, that weave between larger cities like Holly Springs and Hernando.

In El’Anret, the land is divided and named, generally speaking, by the type/tribe of Fae who settled it. From the Delerjic Sea, to the Emerald Treetops, there are many ages and eras of Fae that have come through the land. At its basest point, El’Anret has five regions. We will see what they all are soon! 

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