Mac Tíre.

/ˌmˠak ˈtʲiːɾʲə/ : Mock Tee-ruh or Mock Chee-ruh

In the Irish Gaelic (painting with a broad brush here, as it goes much further than that, but still) language, Mac Tíre translates to Wolf, or Son of the Land. Fitting, considering the Mac Tíre family owns their own farm and originally hail from the Emerald Isle. Thomas Mac Tíre, Leigh’s father,  has a long and varied family history that followed his kin across the ocean, bringing myths and tales of the Fae and all of their superstitions with them. These stories have been passed down to each new generation, and because of that, Leigh is much more aware of the possibilities– and danger– before her when a Faerie mound appears, beckoning.