Eyes on Authors: David M. Echeandia

Ah, all good things come to an end. Today’s post is our last Eyes on Authors of the season, and it’s the last book in the series we’re discussing! But don’t fret, my pets- it’s going to be good. Today, David M. Echeandia is with us, sharing his newly-released title The Lost Mage, which is Book 3 of The Avatar of Calderia trilogy!

David M. Echeandia was born in New York City, enduring the snow and freezing winters, and loving New York pizza by the slice. Now a psychologist, he lives in California with his family and a brawny Pekingese, though he still misses the pizza. He has been a lover of science fiction/fantasy since childhood, starting with Heinlein, Asimov, Herbert and Le Guin, and later with Salvatore, Eddings, Feist, Martin, Gabaldon and Carey. He enjoys RPG games, canning preserves, old time radio, and attending Highland Games festivals (the “M” is for “McMaster”). He has been promising to learn how to play “Scotland the Brave” on the bagpipes for too long to take himself seriously anymore, but perhaps one day…

I also love RPGs! Actually, I love most of the things on that list… I’m of Irish descent rather than Scottish, though. I’d still love to attend the Highland Games! Okay, enough jabber from me. Let’s get to your big finale!
“The Lost Mage” is Book #3 of The Avatar of Calderia Trilogy, an epic fantasy series.

Here’s the official blurb:
The Dark sorcerer, Rak`koth, invades Balleterria, bringing death and destruction to the land as he unleashes his vast Imperial armies of ruthless killers and vicious war beasts upon the brave but greatly outnumbered Alliance of human and Elfin defenders. Only they stand between him and certain doom for their peoples as he pursues his malevolent dream of bloody conquest.

Meanwhile, Killian, Ellianthia and their intrepid companions continue their long, perilous quest for the mysterious lost mage, leaving the Plains people behind and following the shining stone ever southward into the ominous black Glass Mountains. Great danger, ferocious beasts, mythical creatures and startling surprises await them as they search for what lies beyond the enigmatic “door above the clouds,” knowing that every day’s delay means that more of their countrymen will suffer and die.

Battered by the enemy’s relentless assault, the Alliance forces led by Gavan, Rillandariel and Mik`kel struggle to survive epic battles fought with deadly steel and arcane magic—and a treacherous assassin in their own ranks—desperately hoping to endure long enough for Killian to return with the only weapon that can defeat the evil wizard and save them from annihilation.

Epic Fantasy is, funny enough, often known for being epically realistic. Any warnings for the crowd?
Some fairly graphic sex, and violence in context of battle.

Gotcha. What other genres do you write? Do you stick to just one?
Mainly classic fantasy for now.

What inspired you to start writing, and what keeps you going?
I write the kind of books I love to read.

That is a perfect response to me. So many people, especially in the Indie/Self-Published world, are forcing themselves to write into a specific market in hopes of selling, rather than writing the story they want to tell or what they would want to read themselves. While that is totally fine, I end up hearing a lot of them say they aren’t connected to their story the same way because of that. You are self-publishing yourself, correct?
Yes, self-published.

Excellent! Self-publishing needs great epics, and they’re few and far between. Any advice for your fellow writers?
Follow your heart and don’t be discouraged.

You mentioned some of your favorites in your biography- any others you’d like to share?
Jordan, Marillier.

And where is your main hangout on the web?
Official Avatar of Calderia Facebook Page

Well there you have it, courtesans and gentle fops! You can snag a copy of The Lost Mage and David’s other novels on Amazon and Barnes & Noble! And that’s a wrap on our Eyes on Authors series- I hope you guys have enjoyed hearing some varied voices from the lovely literary universe, and I hope you’re inspired to write your own tale.

Until next time, stay lively.

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